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4 Jun

By Samuel Moyer

The first things I noticed walking into Cantina’s were the low lighting and high ceilings which offered a welcoming atmosphere.

When I parked myself at the clean open bar, a friendly gentleman named Nick  took my order and poured me a Breckenridge Agave Wheat beer, which was unique. A very easy wheat with the distinctly tart flavors of agave and slightly more subtle lemon. A good choice for a warm day.

After wetting my beak I took a glance at the menu.

Often times sitting down at a Mexican restaurant I’m reminded of an old Bill Hicks joke, that Mexican places shouldn’t even have menus, the waiter should just ask “how would you like your beans and flour arranged?”

Cantina’s offered a couple fun variations on the usual menu selections you might find.


This appetizer selection is a play on the “jalapeno popper”, with the queso on the inside surrounded by a bold and zesty jalapeno sauce.

It’s hard to mess up fried cheese, I’ll just say it was delicious and you probably up your chances of a small heart attack if you eat this alone like I did.

For the entree I wanted to compare their burrito to the “baby’s arm” sized one I recently had at Chipotle. I was not disappointed.

You’ll also notice the bottle of Tecate on top. A light Mexican beer, poured into a glass with lime juice and hot sauce, rimmed with red pepper and salt. It’s interesting and refreshing, the only specialty beer featured on Cantina’s menu. I would recommend the Agave Wheat with your meal, and then if you’re feeling froggy after, give it a try.


NOTE: I have not been challenged by a hot sauce in Saratoga County, so if you recommend me a place below and that hot sauce actually makes me sweat, you’ll receive a $50 gift certificate to any restaurant of your choosing in Saratoga County. The FIRST person will receive the prize, all others will receive a big thumbs up 🙂

Stay classy Saratoga

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Italiano: Mama Mia’s

2 Jun

If you’re looking for good Italian in Saratoga, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg.

Mama Mia’s at 185 Ballston Ave offers some of your high quality Italian favorites at a reasonable price.

Born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay I know good seafood, and good crab for sure. Mama Mia’s held up to the standard.

Mama Mia’s serves their soft shell crab in a simple lemon cream and caper sauce that complements the crustacean exactly.

This was just the appetizer. For the main course I tried the lobster ravioli and scallops cooked in a tomato cream sauce.

For the price you can’t beat it. Mama Mia’s also offers a good wine selection to complement your meal, as well as a fresh Italian bakery next door.

If you just want delicious food at a low cost, and a quiet comfortable neighborhood atmosphere, Mama Mia’s is a good choice.

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1 Jun

By Samuel Moyer

As an objective reporter who’s drank pretty much everywhere in Saratoga Springs, I have to put all personal ties aside for a moment and tell you the truth, hands down. Just the facts.

Next time you’re out for a few cocktails and you want to see the best the town has to offer, you might want to stop by the Paddock Lounge on Fridays and Saturdays between 5-11 p.m. and check this guy out.


Dennis Oakley has 15 years bartending experience under his belt including a couple tours in Las Vegas, America’s flare capital. If you want to see some of Saratoga’s finest nightlife acrobatics this is where it is. And please folks, don’t forget your cameras.


Not too many bartenders jump on the bar and pour you six shots at one time. And that’s all I have to say about that.

If you know another bar in Saratoga County where I can find this kind of killer flare don’t hesitate to comment below, I’m ready for more!  🙂

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