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know your bartenders

25 May

See this girl on the left???


Don’t pay any attention to her I don’t know who that is. Who you should be concerned with is the strapping young gentleman on the right, Mr. Paulie Jacobs.

Paulie works at the Saratoga City Tavern located on the corner of Caroline and Maple.

I don’t think I’ve seen a faster bartender in town. Unless you’re obnoxiously waving your money at him, then he’ll probably take his time. Seriously, don’t ever do that.

The only person in the world who might be faster is Chuck Norris, but he only makes one kind of drink. Do you know what it is???



VALUE NIGHT: Dango’s Tuesday wingies

24 May

By Samuel Moyer

My boss Matt Donato (comical genius and fellow Marine) once suggested that chicken wings may be more addictive than alcohol, in that it’s impossible to ever sit down and eat just one.

Personally every time I eat wings at least five chickens have to die, so I might go further and say that chicken wings are more addictive than alcohol, nicotine and heroine combined.

Just look at this and tell me you don’t get the shakes.


10 hot wings (left) and 10 spicy barbecue wings (right) about to go in my belly on Dango’s Tuesday five cent wing night

Here’s what you need to know.

This beautiful basket of wings only cost $1.00 on Tuesday nights. That fine bottle of Crystal Geyser, however, costs $3.50. This is to prevent the vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells from coming in with 50 cents, ordering tap water and stinking up the place. It also keeps out the scallywags.

I mean, if you’re short on funds and really need to get your wing fix you could probably go there with $5.00, have a soda, fill yourself on wings and leave a reasonable tip.

You find me a better wing deal in Saratoga, I buy you 100 of them. No lie.

Because it would cost me less than $5.00.

Okay, you find me a better wing deal in Saratoga County, I buy you 200 (all at one time though.)

See you at the starting gate,

Sam Moyer