3,000 Miles to Saratoga

7 Apr

By Samuel Moyer

Now that he’s done body guarding, Kevin Costner has tons of free time to work on his songs and tour the country with Modern West, a band whose musical style is kind of old western, but more contemporary. I’m guessing that’s where they got the name.


They were legit. There were upbeat songs and laid back songs, all very well-written. Before every song Costner would really engage with the audience and give a little spiel on whatever the next song was about. All in all, he just seemed like a pretty cool dude.

And the music is a lot of fun. The fiddler was awesome, but I’m not sure who he was because they have three or four interchangeable fiddlers they take on tour.  And Costner murders the guitar like Elvis, and wails on the vocals like he could breathe through gills behind his ears. Wouldn’t the gills go on the neck? Doesn’t matter I guess.

Two thumbs up for Kevin Costner and Modern West.

I still haven’t forgiven you for Water World though.

And two thumbs up for Northern Lights, the best venue in Saratoga County if you want to enjoy a good show and a good drink selection at a reasonable price.


2 Responses to “3,000 Miles to Saratoga”

  1. Janet April 7, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    It was Bobby Yang on fiddle.

  2. doctormoyer April 20, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    Thanks Janet, he was really good!


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